Free eCommerce Conversion Checklist

Turn more browsers into buyers with this free checklist to increase website conversions by Pin Advertising.

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You usually have less than 10 seconds to make a good first impression.

So, how can you provide customers with a memorable experience that actually converts?

Download your eCommerce Conversion Checklist to:

• Make a better first impression

• Optimise your product sales pages

• Remove friction and create a more seamless experience

• Reduce abandoned carts

• Increase sales conversions and average order value

Inside the Checklist:

  • Two pages of practical and actionable tips
  • Backed by evidence and examples
  • Covers metrics, branding and the checkout process

If you are overwhelmed trying to figure out…

  • How you should structure your sales pages
  • What keywords to share about your products
  • How to gather more reviews and user-generated content
  • Whether to create ‘abandoned cart’ emails
  • If video will be more effective at converting

…then get ready to have those questions answered and more with Pin Advertising’s free eCommerce Conversion Checklist.

About Pin Advertising

Hi, I’m Chantell! After working with over 150 brands to improve SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in digital marketing agencies, I founded Pin Advertising to help product-based sustainable lifestyle brands to sell more with integrity in the friendliest place on the internet: Pinterest.

Our team cares deeply about sustainable living and supporting eco-friendly businesses to increase their social impact and ensure there’s nothing getting in the way of turning browsers into buyers.

But before you invest in marketing and advertising on Pinterest, use this simple and free checklist jam-packed with our tried and tested tips to optimise your product sales pages and increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

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