Craft More Clever Content with Long-Term Trends & Life Moments

Author: Chantell Collins | Editor: Cassie Bailey

Content marketing is a powerful tool to educate and excite potential customers about your digital products and online courses. When it’s done strategically.

Many online business owners, perhaps like you, often find themselves trapped in an exhausting cycle of content creation that lacks a strategic foundation, fails to provide actionable insights, and relentlessly chases fleeting micro trends.

As a seasoned content marketer with experience writing for Google, Skyscanner, and WorldPackers, I’ve witnessed firsthand the pitfalls of reactive content creation.

Let this be your roadmap to strategic, impactful creation based on long-term content trends, life moments, and seasonal data. Read on for our tips on developing a content strategy that frees up your time to focus on what truly matters.

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How can content marketing help sell digital products?

Content marketing uses long-form media, such as blog posts or podcast episodes, and short-form media, such as social media posts, to attract and retain audiences.

Rather than relying on spammy or intrusive marketing techniques, brands can nurture customer relationships with helpful and engaging content.

Good content marketing brings customers to your website and a positive online experience that makes them more likely to return. For online businesses, you can use content marketing to convey your expertise, values, and product benefits to buyers.

“Companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don’t blog.”


Simple steps to create content based on long-term content trends

1. Choose how often you want to create content

While you might aspire to a weekly schedule for long-form content, in practice, I see many online brands struggle to keep up. Often, a monthly or quarterly approach is more sustainable.

Ask yourself how much time you want your team to spend planning and creating content. Then focus on quality over quantity while keeping a consistent publishing schedule.

2. Pick your content marketing platforms wisely

There are no one-size-fits-all content marketing strategies. After all, you’ve crafted a unique, differentiated brand based on your values. That’s why we recommend customizing your digital marketing mix based on your offer and target market.

Instead of only focusing on which platform has the most users, consider:

  • Where is your audience actively seeking inspiration and solutions?
  • Which platforms provide short-term gains or long-term results?
  • How does each platform fit into your overarching marketing strategy?

3. Leverage lifecycle marketing

Lifecycle marketing tailors content to each stage of the consumer journey, enhancing customer relationships and encouraging repeat purchases. Understand your customer’s journey from discovery to purchase, and craft content that provides insights and engagement at each step.

For instance, if you offer a course on financial independence for women, create content for each lifecycle stage:

  • Blog post on negotiating pay raises to attract a new audience to your website.
  • An email challenge on emergency savings to convert website visitors to subscribers. 
  • A low-ticket eBook on the basics of investing to convert subscribers to customers.

4. Use life moments for your content strategies

Life is a series of moments and understanding these moments can be the key to creating impactful content for your ideal customers. Here are three types of moments:

  • Everyday moments such as journaling sessions or at-home workouts.
  • Life moments like birthdays, business anniversaries, or significant celebrations.
  • Seasonal moments such as annual events and cultural celebrations.

Consider how your products help your ideal customers in their everyday, life, and seasonal moments then create content to meet them where they are.

For example, if you offer a course on financial independence for women, create content for each type of life moment:

  • A blog post on monthly budgeting for an everyday moment.
  • A video series on saving for the first property for a life moment.
  • A checklist on how to have a more affordable holiday shopping season for a seasonal moment.

5. Make a plan for seasonal marketing

We recommend planning seasonal content at least 90 days in advance, so it has time to be indexed on Pinterest and Google. Research the trending seasonal topics each year so you can help customers find what they’re looking for.

What holidays are relevant to your brand? Focus on no more than one seasonal moment per month for your holiday marketing, then layer multiple everyday and life moments.

Want a step-by-step plan for your next 90 days of content? Download our free Clever Content Calendar.

6. Tap into long-term and emerging content trends

Learn what’s trending for your specific audience with these reputable, zero-cost tools:

  • Pinterest Trends: Displays top search terms on Pinterest, which you can filter by demographic, topic, time, and place.
  • Pinterest Predicts: A comprehensive annual report with emerging trends on Pinterest.
  • Google Trends: Lists the content trends across Google Search, Google News, and YouTube.
  • Answer The Public: Pulls data from Google searches to build related queries and topics your audience is likely searching for.

7. Weave in authentic storytelling

While data and trends are crucial, the heart of content marketing lies in storytelling. Here’s how you can transform data into narratives that captivate:

  • Personalize your data: Use data to tell a story. For instance, share a story of someone of a customer whose life was transformed by your digital product. This approach turns abstract data into relatable, human-centered stories.
  • Emotional connection: Aim to strike an emotional chord with your audience. Whether it’s a blog post or a social media update, infuse it with real-life struggles, triumphs, and insights. This approach builds a deeper connection with your audience.

“71% of consumers expect companies to personalize their marketing messages to them.”

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8. Standout with interactive content marketing

In a digital world cluttered with content, standing out requires innovation. Consider these out-of-the-box content marketing formats:

  • Livestream shopping: Pinterest features select brands on their interactive Pinterest TV episodes. Watches can buy products live or save to purchase later.
  • Digital quizzes: Quiz marketing offers a unique, interactive experience that can help you significantly boost your email list and digital product sales.
  • Animated collages: Shuffles is a collage-creating app that publishes straight to your Pinterest account. The animated video can be downloaded watermark-free to repurpose on other platforms.

9. Repurpose existing content before creating new content

Before diving into new content creation, consider the power of repurposing. Semrush reports that 70% of top-ranking Google pages are over two years old, highlighting the SEO benefits of refreshing existing content.

By updating what you already have, you can save time, enhance search rankings, and attract more traffic. This can involve:

  • Refreshing seasonal content with current trends
  • Breaking long-form content into shorter pieces.
  • Creating new visuals, transforming blog posts into videos or podcasts

Efficiently repurposing content not only extends its lifespan but also bolsters your website’s SEO effectiveness.

“65% of marketers say that video has helped them generate leads and 52% say that short-form videos (under 60 seconds) are the most effective for their marketing campaigns”


10. Work smarter, not harder on your content marketing

Consider how you can save time on content marketing by using AI copywriting tools for:

  • Long-form content: Brainstorm topic ideas, search for in-demand keywords, create an outline or script, edit and polish the copy.
  • Short-form copy: Repurpose the long-form content (e.g. blog post, video outline, or podcast script) into short-form content for social media and email marketing.

Similarly, clips from long-form videos can be edited using AI Tools, such as Descript, and used across different platforms. However, it’s important to still adapt that content based on each platform’s best practices. Copy and paste content mass scheduled across multiple platforms just won’t cut it anymore.

Take the time to edit to ensure your voice shines through and that you are creating valuable and authentic content that’s unique to ‘you’ and your brand.

Start your journey to creating more clever content

Effective content marketing is about striking the right balance between strategic planning and creative execution.

By focusing on long-term trends, understanding life moments, and utilizing innovative tools, you can create content that not only resonates with your audience but also establishes your brand as a thought leader in your niche.

Remember, it’s not just about creating content; it’s about creating content that matters.

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