How to Use Quiz Marketing to Grow Your Email List & Sell Digital Products

Author: Chantell Collins | Editor: Cassie Bailey

Quizzes are more than just entertainment; they’re a powerful tool in a successful marketing strategy. A well-crafted digital marketing quiz isn’t just interactive; it’s a strategic approach to understanding and addressing your audience’s needs and interests.

For online businesses, the challenge often lies in not just attracting but retaining customer attention. Quiz marketing offers an interactive experience that captivates new audiences and provides valuable insights, guiding them from initial curiosity to confident purchase decisions.

At Pin Advertising, we’ve seen firsthand the impact of quiz marketing. We’ve helped build and promote quizzes for course creators, consistently achieving over 3000 new subscribers for each campaign.

Read on to discover our tested tips for using quiz marketing to grow your email list and sell digital products.

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How can quizzes help promote your digital products?

Quizzes are a dynamic form of Virtual Experiential Marketing (VEM) that can significantly increase customer engagement and brand loyalty. They offer personalized experiences, making your audience feel understood and connected to your brand.

Benefits of using quizzes in marketing include:

  • Memorable and thought-provoking interactions.
  • Enhanced customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • An attractive incentive for people to share their email addresses.
  • The ability to segment your email list based on customer pain points and journey stages.

Take, for example, the collaboration between Kohl’s and Pinterest using an interactive Trend Matchmaker tool led to a 62% higher click-through rate than Kohl’s average on Pinterest.

Bringing customers into your marketing funnel

Quizzes excel at capturing email leads and guiding potential customers through your marketing funnel. They engage users with tailored product recommendations, positioning your digital products as solutions to their unique needs.

Nurturing leads until they’re ready to buy

Not every quiz participant will make an immediate purchase. By capturing their email, you can nurture these leads with thoughtful email sequences, keeping your brand top-of-mind for when they’re ready to buy.

How to create a quiz that leads to sales

Creating a sales-driven quiz involves a few key steps:

  • Identify the core problem: Understand a specific problem your product addresses.
  • Design for different funnel stages: Create quizzes that cater to various stages of the customer journey such as a quiz for cold leads like ‘Are you ready for divorce?’ or for warm leads like ‘What website style is perfect for your unique biz?‘.
  • Keep it engaging and simple: Aim for no more than 10 questions to maintain engagement without overwhelming participants.
  • Ensure value in every answer: Provide standalone value in each answer, leading naturally to one of your products.
  • Provide personalized outcomes: Offer 3-5 unique results based on quiz responses, enhancing the user experience.
  • Align answers with products: Correlate each response with a product to enhance relevance and sales potential.
  • Engage with follow-up emails: Send resource-rich emails post-quiz, tailored to the results.

Remember that the purpose of quiz marketing is to increase sales! Alongside making a fun and interactive experience for your customers, you can guide them through your products and let them know how your brand can help them.

Which platforms you’ll need to create your quiz

Creating a successful marketing quiz doesn’t require special skills, thanks to the variety of available platforms that simplify the process.

Here are four platforms that can help you to quickly and easily create a quiz:

  • A quiz platform: Interact is an excellent choice, offering conversion-focused templates and a training program for entrepreneurs.
  • An email marketing platform: Essential for lead collection and nurturing (we recommend ActiveCampaign).
  • Your website: Host your quiz on a dedicated page and promote it in various locations, such as with website banners and pop-ups, to see which leads to the best conversion rates.
  • AI tools: Utilize AI copywriting tools to brainstorm innovative quiz ideas and create engaging quiz copy. These tools can help you craft questions and answers that resonate with your audience, ensuring your quiz is both fun and effective.

By leveraging these platforms, you can create a quiz that effectively engages your audience, captures leads, and drives sales.

How to market your quiz

There’s no point in using your time and energy on quiz creation unless you have a clear strategy to get people to click through and subscribe for the results.

Focus on content marketing and platforms that will drive website traffic. For example, TikTok might give you impressive organic reach, but would followers be likely to click through to take your quiz?

At Pin Advertising, we’ve seen fantastic results when using Pinterest to promote quizzes. It’s one of the only remaining platforms that generates website traffic.

Our recommendation is to create multiple pins for your quiz. For Organic-Only Pinterest marketing, try to publish one Pin for your quiz per week.

How to advertise your quiz on Pinterest

When deciding to run Pinterest ads to promote your quiz, there are multiple ad formats from a static image to a multi-image collection or video. We recommend testing different ad formats, images, and copy.

After two months of running static and video Pinterest ads for a client’s quiz, we saw the following results:

  • 1.18% click-through rate
  • 4919 outbound clicks
  • AU$0.30 (US$0.20) cost per click
  • 183 leads subscribed
  • Average of AU$3.99 (US$2.62) cost per lead.

Pinterest has recently released a new ad format called Quiz Ads. Starbucks used Quiz Ads to provide personalized holiday drink recommendations. They reported that 53% of the people who clicked on the Pin Extension ad engaged with it.

Wondering if Pinterest Ads are right for your quiz? Book a free Pinterest Evaluation and find out.

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Your next step to quiz marketing success

Quiz marketing offers a unique, interactive experience that can significantly boost your email list and digital product sales.

By aligning your brand voice with cleverly crafted quiz answers and thoughtful results, you can connect with potential customers and increase brand loyalty.

Consider what kind of quiz would engage your audience and help you achieve your business goals. Our clients have seen fantastic success using quiz marketing and Pinterest, and we’re confident this guide will help you achieve similar results.

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